Cultural Relativism Definition

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Cultural Relativism
Culture plays a significant role in the determination of the proper engagement of an individual. Any given act is moral when the cultural dictates believe that the law is moral. Similarly, the immoral acts within a given culture when the societal norms do not conform to the actions. One only needs a cultural approval to understand whether a given action fits to be moral or immoral in the society. All the cultures around the world are equally justified in their beliefs. The paper conducts a cognitive overview of cultural relativism as applied in the birthday cake case.
There is a legion of implications of the concept of cultural relativism. One, there is the aspect of the cultural Moral Infallibility. It affirms on the moral
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The critiques will involve pointing out the errors together with the mistakes that one feels is a core principle in the cultural activity. If cultures were not making mistakes, then there would be nothing much to criticize. The major drawback with the no cultural criticism is that most of the dominant cultures around the world usually get criticized.
Also, any given religion must be criticized when it commits an offense. For a given tradition to grow, there must always be some criticism.
There is also the aspect that social reformers are always wrong. It is because anybody else who disagrees with the moral truths of any given culture is automatically wrong. At some point, the social reformers might be right when the culture is propagating a wrong motion like the Semitic thoughts. The reformers are also necessary when it comes to change. The concept of the No Cultural Moral Progress involves some change. A culture that does not change will not be in a position to improve (Vaughn, 2015). The changes must also come as a result of favorable critics from the social reformers. A case example, the forces that stood firm against Nazi's racism lead to the fall and the defeat of the dictatorial
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He will have to understand the beliefs, values and the culture of the Mexicans based on their religion rather than making judgments.
The Mexicans find it right and it is a lot of fun to have the cake on the face of the birthday boy after blowing out the candles. In line with the other attributes of the concept of cultural relativism, Marvin will be wrong as a social reformist when he is trying to criticize the doctrines and the dictates of the Mexican culture.
The fun engraved in the Mexican birthday culture does not cause harm or physical pain to the members of the other religions who get introduced to it for the first time. It is Marvin's responsibility to appreciate the culture just like any different culture within the other parts of the United States of America. Marvin should go ahead and make a move by obeying Maria's request. If he is naïve about it, he should ask for the instructions on how to make a move so that he does not appear violent or less appealing to keep the spirit of the party.
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