What Is Cyrano De Bergerac's Love For Roxane

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Cyrano de bergerac by Edmond Rostand is a romantic play that shows the life of Cyrano de Bergerac, Christian de Neuvillette and De Guiche and their love for Roxane. Rostand is able to relate this to real life because he is able to show many problems that people face such as insecurity about their body like Cyrano, as well as insecurity about their intelligence like Christian. Rostand also is able to relate it to real life by displaying love at first sight planning a perfect future with someone you just meet or do not know very well like Christian and Roxane relationship. As well as the other relationship problems, He also uses De Guiche in a way that is similar to people forcing relationships on one another and how they usually turn out. In…show more content…
At the start of the play, De Guiche only wants valvert to marry her so can have an affair with Roxane which shows the evil in relationships and in De Guiche. ‘“ Oho! That man?... Comte de Guiche… In love with her… married himself, however, … To thee niece of the Cardinal- Richelieu… Wishes Roxane, therefore, to marry one Monsieur de Valvert’”(14). Although, he changed his intentions for the better and wanted to marry Roxane, he tried to force Roxane into it by threatening to send Christian to war. Rostand uses De Guiche as representation of what happens when you try to force a relationship or want to have an affair with someone. In Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand, Roxane has three different romantic relationships with Christian de Nuevillete, Cyrano de Bergerac, and De Guiche. Rostand uses each relationship in a different way but relates them all to real life during the play. Rostand uses Christian to show what fake love is like and Cyrano is used to show what it means to have true love and De Guiche shows what happens when you try to force a relationship. Although, Rostand is a romantic writer but, he uses realism to help more people connect and draw relations to the
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