What Is Daisy's Past In The Great Gatsby

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In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, the protagonist Jay Gatsby pits himself against an evocative past that engendered both unpleasant and pleasant events to occur. Each fragment of Gatsby’s past played a fundamental role in how he interacted with certain characters and situations, his social status, as well as how individuals regarded him. An individual’s past possesses the power to haunt their present and future because people are inclined to live their lives according to what they’ve experienced. Fitzgerald further demonstrates this by revealing to the audience of Gatsby’s past about his former love Daisy Buchanan, origins, and the lessons learnt by Dan Cody. As the most eminent figure of his past, Daisy has Gatsby caught up in the idea of the love they had, which significantly continues to affect Gatsby’s life because his actions and thoughts revolve around her. In a conversation between Jordan and Nick, the audience…show more content…
When the East Eggers, Tom Buchanan and the Sloanes visit Gatsby at his house, they create a painfully awkward atmosphere, treating Gatsby with contempt and condescension. Even though Gatsby offered his hospitality, Tom and the Sloanes “wanted nothing” from him. This was not due to the fact that Gatsby was not viable or rich enough to be considered, but because he was a West Egger and not of aristocratic class. Although Gatsby may be tremendously wealthier than the East Eggers, he is still regarded socially inferior to them, since he did not inherit any money. Because of his haunting past, Gatsby will never be capable of breaking through that society he wishes to reside in and be with the woman he loves, who all values “old
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