What Is Dark Chocolate Essay

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1. What is the topic of the paper? Dark chocolates: bitter sweet to benefits on brain
2. Underline the thesis statement on the paper. Done
3. In your own words, what is the thesis?
Dark chocolate is not only beneficial to body systems, but it also affects the brain, that the dark chocolate consumers can get the benefits to emotions, memory and free radical damage.
4. How many ideas are there?
Eight ideas
• Benefits of dark chocolates on brain
• Dark chocolates can make a good emotion and process thinking.
• The chemical in dark chocolates and its effects
• Eating dark chocolates increased blood flow that can improve the function of brain, for example memorizing and thinking process.
• Flavonoid, chemical in the dark chocolate, is call
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It doesn’t give an adequate information about how dark chocolates help the body to against the free radical.

1. Does the conclusion tie back to the introduction? If so, how?
Yes, it does. The conclusion refers to the benefits of dark chocolate to the body especially, the brain that is the most important organ in the human body.
2. Does the conclusion summarize the main points?
Yes, it does.
3. Any new point raised in the conclusion? If so, what?
No, it doesn’t.
4. What else does the conclusion do? (eg, make a prediction or recommendation)
General impression
1. What are two things you learned from reading this paper?
-The advantages of eating dark chocolate that is good for the brain for instance, memory improvement, thinking process, good emotion.
- The several kinds of chemical in dark chocolate is beneficial to the human body.
2. Draw a star (*) by your favorite sentences in the paper.
-The phenylethyamine also is the chemical in dark chocolate that stimulate the pulse rate, increase level excitement and then you feel happy.
-In conclusion, although the dark chocolate is a desert, it has the many advantages in human
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