What Is Dehumanization In Night

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There were multiple accounts of dehumanization of the Jews in Night by Elie Wiesel, and the vast majority of it came from the Nazis. The most basic of human rights were deprived of the Jewish people throughout all of Night. Jews in the book were not being treated humanely at all; the Nazis treated the Jews like they were animals. For example, in Night it was mentioned that the Jews were given tattoos to identify them, which is just how a farmer would treat cattle. The Jews also has little to no rights what so ever while being in captivity by the Nazis. "...I was going to kill myself..." (Wiesel 33) he stated this consciously knowing how horribly he was being treated. In Night the Jews were treated nowhere near to humans; the abuse and trouble they went through was undeniable.…show more content…
In Night one may be able to receive the sense of how the Jews were put into shower rooms by the dozen, and gassed like rats. Not to mention how they lived in barracks with no heat and the majority of the Jews were covered in lice. When Elie goes to the dentist, he notices that the dentist had grotesque teeth stating, "When he opened his mouth, one had ghastly vision of yellow, rotten teeth," (Wiesel 55) this shows how the Jews had almost no ways to clean themselves or keep any sort of hygiene. There were multiple accounts of the Nazis verbally abusing the Jews in the camps, and talking down to them driven racially. Also, many of the Jewish prisoners were literally starving to death in Auschwitz, just because the Nazis did not care. The only
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