What Is Desdemona's Love In Othello

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Love can cause people to sacrifice everything for the one they care most deeply for, sometimes the sacrifice even results in death. In Shakespeare’s Othello, Desdemona and Othello secretly get married, causing an uproar from her father, who threatens her death for her lying. However, their love prevails and they move to Othello’s new position, only to have a seed of doubt planted in Othello. A man tells Othello that Desdemona has been cheating on him with his second in command which is a lie, yet Othello falls for it. The lie slowly tears Othello apart and causes him to ruin his marriage. Yet, Desdemona stays true to her love for Othello through this hardship. In Othello by Shakespeare, Desdemona characterizes the ideal woman, but she sacrifices…show more content…
When Desdemona marries Othello, she neglects to ask for her father’s permission for the courtship and wedding. Desdemona’s love for Othello is so blind and abundant that she forgets to ask the most important person who loves her for a blessing. This neglect of her loyalty to her father brings shame upon her father, which makes him appear that he has no control over his household, implying weakness in his leadership. Desdemona and Othello’s courtship seriously offends Desdemona’s father, which puts the both of their lives at risk. Desdemona’s father states that he should kill her for her disloyalty from getting married without his permission. The secret marriage deeply wounds her father to the point that he has the right to kill her. She is sacrificing her life for her love of Othello; the implications of this show how deep the love of the two love birds runs. Even though her betrayal is unforgivable, her father decides that her death would be undesirable blood on his hands, therefore, Desdemona’s act of secrecy taints her image with a seed of doubt. By gaining Othello’s love, Desdemona loses the love of her father and ruins her credibility in his eyes, which causes him to cast her out and exile her from their home. Desdemona gains what she values most, Othello, but loses the love and protection of her father, and risks…show more content…
Othello sends Desdemona back to her chambers to pray for forgiveness because he is going to deal with her cheating. Othello has decided that the only way to solve the problems of his marriage is to kill his wife. However, he doesn’t want the guilt of her blood on his hands so he tells her to ask God to let her into Heaven. Desdemona doesn’t argue with him and she realizes what is going on with Othello, yet she still loves him unconditionally. This turning point shapes Desdemona’s sacrifice from unintentional to purposeful. Desdemona realizes she is going to die and tells her hand maiden that she loves Othello regardless and if her death will solve his problems then it is worth it. Desdemona cares so much for Othello that she is willing to give everything up for him, including her life. Her sacrifice to protect what she values most, Othello, makes her level headed and calm about her impending doom. Desdemona decides that she will sacrifice herself so that Othello learns his lesson, and can be the man she fell in love with again. Desdemona forgives Othello for his slander of her reputation, and lovingly accepts her death at his hands. Throughout the tragedy, Desdemona has given up everything for her husband, from her father’s love to her clean and respectable reputation, so giving up her life for him doesn’t seem as
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