What Is Destination Attractiveness In Tourism

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Pppppppppppp Introduction- Tourism is one of the most important sector in the world economy and particularly many developing countries. Developing countries have been fast growing in tourism industry terms in the world over the last decade. Many developing and develop countries are trying to increase their economy by boosting the tourism and hospitality. “Hospitality and tourism property are considered by the continuous flow of people and their property are increasingly seen as “soft” target for potential harm to the safety of people” (Henelly, 2009). According to Enz (2010) “suggests that it is often difficult to make a distinction legitimate visitors from people who are potential threats”. Tourism destinations too can be affected by actual, potential or perceived terrorism threats, which may affect tourism visitation. Although Formica (2002) comments that studies of destination attractiveness are limited, it may be recommended that negative image factors are easier to measure and monitor than positive ones. According to Vengesayi (2010) “destination attractiveness can be predicted by primary factors (attractions) and secondary factors (support services and facilities). In the same way, destination unattractiveness might also be predicted by primary factors (actual events) and secondary factors (potential events)”. There are many developing countries those have a potential tourism attractions, history and cultural heritages, to develop tourism industry in economic

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