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The 10 Best Restaurants in Innere Neustadt, Dresden 10. Devils Kitchen Graefestraße 11, 10967 Berlin, Germany Devil's Kitchen is a great restaurant and bar combined. Despite the name Devil's Kitchen haves a great arrange of food and drinks that its customers can choose. Devil's Kitchen is a great all around eating establishment in Germany. It is a must go for people who would like to indulge in their savory food and their tasty drinks they have to choose from at the bar. 9. Falscher Hase Rudolf-Leonhard-Straße 3, 01097 Dresden, Germany Falscher Hase is a different type of restaurant. Falscher Hase is a vegan restaurant for the people of Germany. Even if you aren't vegan you can still enjoy the savory taste of their vegan burgers and their…show more content…
Da Michele doesn’t only sell pizza it gives an all around italian atmosphere and food. With italian music playing while you eat you would actually think you are in Italy. Da Michele haves great reviews for their pizza and steaks and other cuisine you may like to dine on. Da Michele is a must go if you are a favorite of Italian cuisine. 4. Vecchia Napoli Alaunstraße 33, 01099 Dresden, Germany Vecchia Napoli is known for their freshly smoked meals right in their own kitchen. Instead of a oven they use a steam and fireplace type device that smokes their food to a perfect temperature. Vecchia Napoli is a great restaurant for a first date or for even hanging out. Vecchia Napoli is sure to make you keep coming back for more and more of their tasty food. 3. Mythos Palace Provianthofstraße 5, 01099 Dresden, Germany Mythos Palace is a beautifully made restaurant that has great food and a great layout of the restaurant. Many people come to Mythos Palace for dinner but it can also be an all around daily meal for some people. The food and the staff makes people come back to Mythos Palace not just because of the building itself but because of the great experience that some people have. Mythos Palace is a must go in Dresden

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