What Is Dick Diver's Downfall In Tender Is The Night

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The Downfall of Dick Diver In many people, strength can become a weakness. In F. Scott Fitzgerald 's Tender Is the Night, Dick Diver is a young psychiatrist heading towards success with a loving wife and two children. This all changes when he encounters unexpected setbacks that change his perfect world. In Tender Is the Night, Fitzgerald has many internal and external forces work together in Dick Diver’s downfall. Dick’s personality flaws, newfound recklessness, and complicated marriage contribute to his destruction in the novel. Dick’s personality flaws is one of the many components that lead to his destruction. His characteristics and persona create more dilemmas for him. For example, Dick closes himself off to others, and by doing this, he can’t express his emotions properly when needed. “...Dick squanders his emotional capital and becomes unable to respond to the things that are worthy of deep emotion” (Tate 218). Dick also begins to realize the negative impact his temperament has on others. After he and Nicole have an argument, Dick says, “‘I guess I’m the Black Death,’ he said slowly. ‘I don’t seem to bring people happiness anymore’” (Fitzgerald 219). He also identifies how much he has changed. “‘I’m not much like myself anymore’” (Fitzgerald 260). His changed personality…show more content…
Dick’s affairs, his irrational behavior, and problematic characteristics undeniably play a role in his destruction. Dick Diver’s complicated marriage, newfound recklessness, and questionable personality are all elements of his downfall. Dick was once a brilliant physician, popular, a loving, caring husband, and a man with strength of character. With all of the complications in his life, he loses his job, loses the respect of his peers, has affairs during his once perfect marriage, and becomes an alcoholic. What was once seen as Dick’s strengths transformed into his worst
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