What Is Dignity In The Old Man And The Sea

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In this chapter, I will talk about dignity. When we read these two books, Walden and The Old Man and The Sea, we are able to realize the importance of dignity for Thoreau and Santiago who is the main character of The Old Man and The Sea. Dignity written in those books seems to be projected by Authors’ life. So I will consider what their dignity is and how they live. And I compare their dignity so that I am able to consider how to live the theme of this thesis. Santiago and Thoreau have dignity which makes a decision on which way to go. Dignity becomes their core. They seem to live for their dignity and they act to protect their dignity. If it be so, what is the Santiago’s dignity? I think that his dignity is being a fisherman. He has a pride as a fisherman but he is not proud of fishing a large amount of fishes and he is not proud of earning big money by fishing. He fights with fishes as a fisherman. He stakes his life on fighting with fishes. Hemingway describes Santiago’s body in detail. There are deep wrinkles in the back of his neck, the brown blotches benevolent skin cancer and deep creased scars in his body. Every scars are old because he had gone eighty four days without any fish. Readers probably thought that he is an old man, near his end, miserable and unfortunate. However, these impression gradually and completely change. The first section is the scene of sleeping. He fell…show more content…
Santiago went fishing and the big marlin bit the fishing hook. However, it was the big fish to raise for a moment. So Santiago held the line and the marlin pull his skiff for four days. During this journey, he often talk to himself. He repeated I wish the boy was here, I wish I had the boy. He reminded sad memory about a pair of marlin. He spoke to a small bird. He reminded his young days and hand game with the great black man. Those sentences emphasize his solitude and what he
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