What Is Discrimination In The Wife's Story

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Thesis The stories read have accepted or discriminated people and communities. They accept or discriminate in many ways that can deal with their cultures, religions, traditions, and personal beliefs. The definition of discrimination is the prejudicial treatment of different categories of people and things. The definition of acceptance is The action or process of being suitable to be admitted into a group. Both of these are shown “The Wife’s Story”, “The Lottery”, and ¨American Flag Stands for Tolerance¨. Body Paragraph #1 In the beginning of “The Wife 's story” the wife is explaining how great her husband is and how great of a father he is. Throughout the story, it started to show how he slowly but definitely became more and more distant from his family and friends. This was shown when his wife started to notice him coming home late, leaving in the middle of the night, and leaving early in the morning to be gone all day. “He’d come back late and worn out, and pretty near cross for one so sweet-tempered, not wanting to talk about it.”(lines 49-51) Toward the end of the story, it shows how the wife 's husband had left and she became very worried. As the husband was found outside the wife watched him change and form into a human. The descriptions had shown that they were wolves, but the husband became a human on full moons. The wife and her family felt threatened so they decided to fight against “it”. As the man was running away the wife’s sister attacked the
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