To Kill A Mockingbird Discrimination Essay

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There are many different forms of discrimination in To Kill a Mockingbird. Discrimination Is a prejudiced outlook. I will be looking at the discrimination against poor people, Black people, elderly, and sexism. There is the discrimination of poor people against rich, the view on the cunninghams, there is many different types of it in To Kill a Mockingbird. One of the most notable is racism, There is a lot of racism in the story. There is a lot of racism towards black people. It has been going on for a while in the story. White people always discriminate black people there. One of the events where the discriminant black people unfairly is when Atticus takes a case where tom robinson is accused of rapeing a girl. Even though atticus made some very good points and even exposed the ewells, Tom robinson still got put in jail even though it wasn't him. But if tom was white he probably would have been proven not guilty. They also say in the book that black people are the lowest in social structure, the second would be the ewells and so on. White people treat them really poorly. They get the more bad jobs that white people don't want to do. They are usually low pay, no health insurance or any benefits at all and the conditions for workers are very bad and unhealthy They don't get…show more content…
There need to be more people like jem and scout. Jem and scout feel bad for black people in maycomb because they are treated very unfairly. They probably want to change that, But they don't know how to at the moment. They probably wonder how black people deal with racism. Boo radley might deal with it by just staying inside his house all that time. People also judge him for doing that and that's why there are so many r=theories on him, some people think hi murdered his father and that he is really crazy. It's probably very hard for them to deal with because there are so many people who are racist there. They probably just try to cancel it out and ignore
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