What Is Dockterman's Argument

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Dockterman is very effective in her argument. She uses a very generous amount of Ethos as well as logos to construct her argument while keeping underlying themes of pathos mixed in. Throughout her essay her use of diction and syntax is used at a level that makes it easy for all readers to understand what she is talking about. In the first sentence of the essay she immediately begins to establish her credibility by using a statistic that will be the basis of her argument. She then goes on to use another statistic that will confirm the first one that she had used in the opening sentence to bring together her theme and topic of the essay. Throughout her essay she uses a piece of statistics in at least 50% of the paragraphs written, and in the…show more content…
This quote brought a balance to the table that was well needed because if the essay would have been all ethos and logos it would soon become boring, but then there is the emotional side to the essay that she brings in that keeps her audience intrigued. Her choice of diction is very smart throughout the essay because it brings a nice flow between the varying sentence length that she uses and the varying diction strength that she presents. There is a balance between all of her work in the essay which makes it one of the more interesting essays that I have ever read. In conclusion Dockterman is very effective in her argument and has made very smart choices when it comes to how the essay is set up. Every aspect of the essay brings a nice balance to each other that where one fails to bring something to the table, the other is able to make up for it by bringing in that single aspect that was

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