Ironic Techniques Used In Dockterman's Argument

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Dockterman is very effective in her argument. She uses a very generous amount of Ethos as well as logos to construct her argument while keeping underlying themes of pathos mixed in. Throughout her essay her use of diction and syntax is used at a level that makes it easy for all readers to understand what she is talking about.
In the first sentence of the essay she immediately begins to establish her credibility by using a statistic that will be the basis of her argument. She then goes on to use another statistic that will confirm the first one that she had used in the opening sentence to bring together her theme and topic of the essay. Throughout her essay she uses a piece of statistics in at least 50% of the paragraphs written, and in the
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She begins to answer the underlying questions that her audience begins to ask themselves. With that being said her tone really brings out her argument with how it is paired with her use of syntax and eventually diction.
During the essay her use of diction is more on the simpler side for most of her essay in order to make it easy for an audience of all ages to read. However, in some areas of the passage she throws in stronger, more aggressive, diction in order to build her credibility with her audience as well. The use of language throughout the essay shows that she knows what she is talking about while making it easy on the reader. Even though the diction isn’t the juiciest I have seen before, she is able to get her point across easily while being able to keep the audience’s attention throughout the whole essay.
All of this ultimately comes down to her strong use of ethos and logos to get her point across in this essay. She relies more on statistics and quotes from outside sources to present her argument which ultimately makes it much more effective. Her credibility is established in the first paragraph with her use of the statistic in the first sentence which makes it much easier for her audience to listen to her and agree with her
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