What Is Driscoll Model Of Reflection

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This essay is going to reflect on my own management and leadership style in delivering patient care. It will discuss the effectiveness of the other leadership and management style within the multi-disciplinary team and its impact on delivering patient care. I will use as an example, my previous experience back home as a nurse and compare it to my current experience in the United Kingdom (UK). This will show my strength and weakness as well as my new learning skills, which have changed my practice. I will be using Driscoll model of reflection (2007) to guide my thought and refine my ideas. Confidentiality will be maintained by not mentioning any names as per Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) code of conduct (NMC, 2015). Driscoll’s model of reflection (2007) contains three stages, which are (What, so what and now what). It involves deception, analysing and reflecting on the situation (Driscoll, 2007). I have used this model before in many causes, which make it easier to be used again in this case. In my previous experience back home, I was not aware of the type of leadership and management styles, therefore I thought that the only style exists is the democratic style. When I was in charge in the dialysis unit. I always ask my colleague to give their preference regards the patient ratio. The ratio was 3 to 2 dialysis patients where some nurse always wanted to have 2 patients. This created conflicting issues between all of us, as I have to go back to the previous schedule
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