What Is Elizabeth Stanton's Legacy?

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Elizabeth Stanton was born November 12th, 1815 in Johnstown, NY. She died October 26th, 1902 in NYC, NY because of heart failure. Her spouse’s name was Henry Brewster. They were married from 1840 to 1887. Her influences were, Frederick Douglass, a famous writer. William Lloyd Garrison, a journalist with the same interests as Elizabeth. Theodore Parker, a minister with the same interests as Elizabeth. Her parents, Daniel Cady and Margaret Livingston Cady had 11 kids. Elizabeth being the eighth. Five of her siblings died early on in their childhood. Another died later on right before he was supposed to graduate from Union College. Later she went on to graduate from the same college. As an adult she was an American Suffragist, Social Activist, Abolitionist, leading figure of the Women 's Rights Movement, and a writer. Elizabeth accomplished many things. She was good friends with Susan B. Anthony, Another women 's rights activist, and together with the help of…show more content…
her goal was finally reached. The 19th amendment, the equal rights between men and women. Elizabeth had always wanted just that. That 's what she worked so hard for. Every single accomplishment she had achieved had surrounded that goal. Although she wasn 't alive to see it, she is to always be remembered for her legacy. Though Elizabeth had accomplished many little things they all fit into one big thing. Women 's rights and all her work into getting these rights for women. Elizabeth had many small milestones leading up to her major goal. She achieved each and every one of them which is what made her such an important leading figure in the history of women 's rights. I think that women today have the ability to be exactly who or what they want to be thanks to Elizabeth. According to most people during Elizabeth’s lifetime, not much was really expected from women, and many of them were content with those thoughts. Elizabeth (not working alone) was a huge part of what

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