What Is Emmett Till Essay

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Emmett Till was born on July 25,1941, to Louis Till and Mamie Till. His father (who was a private in the Army)and his mother split when Emmett was 1 year old and 3 years later the family received word that his father was executed because of “ willful misconduct”. In August 1955, some of Till’s family came up from Mississippi, to visit some of the family. At the end of his stay he was planning to take one of the cousins back down south with him and when Emmett caught word he wanted in.Initially, Emmet and his mother was supposed to have a road trip,but after much begging his mother let him go, with his uncle (additional to the bad feeling that Till’s mother had about going down south). Three days after arriving in the south, Emmett walked into a grocery store with some friends to purchase some refreshments. While in the store Emmett reportedly “wolf whistled”, touch the hand of, and/or flirted at the white female clerk. Four days later two white, by the names of Roy bryant (the husband of Carolyn Bryant-the clerk at the time of the incident) and his half brother J.W Milam,…show more content…
And I made the decision that I had business in Mississippi, and my coming back dead or alive was of less importance than me being there on the scene alive as long as I can maintain life.” As you can see she choose to go down south,to avenge her son and seek justice yet when it came time for the verdict the jury(which consisted of all white men) found the accused(Roy Bryant and J.W Milam) not guilty. Luckily she was not the only one there on the behalf of Emmett Louis Till, Emmett’s great uncle stood up and said “Their the that came to my house and took the boy.” Everyone in the courtroom was shocked beyond amazement(for it was unheard for a black man to accuse a white man of something, especially of a crime of
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