What Is Empathy In To Kill A Mockingbird

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The book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee tells the story of Jean Louis Finch, nicknamed Scout. She lives in a small town called Maycomb county. The book is based in the 1930s showing us an inside look of what life looked like back then. The book focuses in the stories of Arthur Radley and Tom Robinson, and how they are a major part in her childhood. The book To Kill a Mockingbird portrays Scout as more intellectually developed than most young kids, but she is way too young to fully comprehend the severity of things, and this shows us that kids unconsciously follow the ‘rules’ that society has placed unless taught otherwise. The book presents Scout as a very intelligent young girl, because she starts by telling us the story of her ancestors and being able to…show more content…
Empathy, a value Atticus’s teachings are fundamentally based is the one value that seems to trouble Scout at the beginning of the book along with racism. (Lee pg:148) Fighting shows how immature and small minded a person is, Atticus is greatly against physical confrontation we know that because he even went ahead and said, “ I try my best to love everybody,” a value that he tries to pass down to his kids. (Lee pg:179) But Scout doesn’t seem to recognize that fighting isn’t the smart choice because she gets into fights quite frequently, sometimes without understanding what they were saying or fully knowing the phrases and what they meant, Scout troubled asked, “Atticus, what exactly is a nigger-lover?”(Lee pg:178). A topic she got into fights multiple times. She jumped on her younger cousin, Francis because he called her a nigger-lover. Atticus then responded, “ Is that the reason you jumped on him?” (Lee pg:178). And indeed that was the reason she had hit Francis, but now, why did she get so revolted at the thought of being a nigger-lover if she doesn’t know what it means. This is
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