What Is Equality In Ayn Rand's Society

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Equality or Not…. What would our society be like if we had rules that forced everyone to be equal? Ayn Rand illustrates this in Anthem. The society is overrun by rules that control the citizens lives. The rules are supposed to be there to make everyone equal, but in reality they are making everything exponentially unequal. The laws are there to keep the people believing they are equal. But, if they knew what they could have would they decide to stay in the society where they are told what to do their entire lives, or would they go with Prometheus to his new “modern” society. In Prometheus’s society I believe he will have rules that any civilized society needs. Although, he will not have restrictive rules that try to enforce equality. First, the rules are there to give equality. But, to be equal everyone would have to have the same job. I can see how this wouldn’t work. If everyone had the same job nothing would get accomplished. There would be no street sweepers, scholars, teachers, or guards. There would be no world council. Suppose being a farmer was the only job. There would be plenty of food, but nobody to cook it, so there would have to be cooks, butchers, and even warehouse…show more content…
It is only we, equality 7-2521, we alone who are born with a curse.” Page 20. Also this quote, page 41, “This is the time each spring when all men older than twenty and all women older than eighteen are sent for one night to the City Palace of Mating. And each of the men have one of the women assigned to them by the Council of Eugenics.” This society is trying to weed out all the unwanted traits. It is not completely working because Equality 7-2521 is born with a “curse.” Equality should not have to suffer alone with his “curse.” He should be allowed to share his curse because, like the book said before, every man is one in the same. If true, it would not be his curse alone but one shared by
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