What Is Equality In The Declaration Of Independence Essay

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There are many important ideals embedded throughout the Declaration of Independence. Some of the most important are Consent of the Governed and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness however, I personally think that Equality is the most important part of the Declaration of Independence. I think Equality is the most important idea because it got us where we are today, if we didn’t have equality the world would be a much different place. We would still have segregation and slavery. Life without equality would be treacherous and disturbing. Consent of the Governed is the first topic I will address. Consent of the Governed basically means we should have a government that enforces laws and follows through with enforcing them. This…show more content…
Equality is the main point because of segregation and slavery ending. The reason that slavery and segregation ended is because of equality. The Declaration of independence states how blacks and whites and mexicans and chinese and indians will all be together as one and no one will be treated differently. Equality is my main point because without it , the impact it would have on the world would be crazy. We would have separate bathrooms for colored people and whites. We would have seperate restaurants for colored and whites. This law also states that men and women are created equally. This is the most controversial topic currently. I think this law is often broken because of women getting paid lower wages and also not being able to be promoted. At the women’s rights convention it was stated “we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal:” (Document A) This document really speaks to me because of how it applies to me and my future self as a mother and a worker. In conclusion, I think that all ideals of the Declaration of Independence are important. These three stated are the ones that just most stand out to me. I like the idea of having natural rights, equality and having a controlling government. These ideals apply to our everyday life and affect us every second of every
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