What Is Evil In Macbeth

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Ah, how long ago that time seems to be, but yet it happened all so fast at the same time. I had started out as a hero! I killed the now deceased Thane of Cawdor, and succeeded him. I was celebrated and everyone loved me, the righteous hero that fought to thwart evil.. but when did I become the evil? When did I become tainted with these forbidden wants and desires? Oh,wait, that’s right, the witches, they told Banquo and I a prophecy which would vere my righteous path, down to the crimson tainted river of blood and agony.I was to become the King of Scotland, hah. Looking back on it now, I should never trust such evil entities, no matter what had come true, once you believe in evil, you eventually become evil. I killed my own kin, my own king, …show more content…

I needed more information so I went to them and I get 3 new prophecies, but the most important of the 3: Macbeth shalt not fall til the woods of Birnam come to Dunsinane! At this point another prophecy was to fear Macduff, so in an effort to make sure he could not stop me, I committed a HORRIBLE act. Murdering his entire castle, including his family, and the worst part of this was, I was not fazed by what I had done, Next came today, the invasion day, Birnam Woods is coming to Dunsinane, my servant says. And my wife, she committed suicide. I had contemplated the same thing, but then I ruled that I have no such luxury in deciding the way I die now. After taking many lives after another. I held my head up high and decided that I will die with the armor on my back! I will die a fighting.. I will always…. *Splatt.. Macbeth let 's say, impaled?* I.. I.. will die.. with great h- *coughs blood* Honor, even.. now.. the spirits of those whom I had slain… haunt me as I stare death in the face… I… I 'm coming… dear wife.. *Macbeth reaches in the other direction, as he is in an illusion as if trying to grab his wife 's hand, as Macduff gives a clean slice right through the neck of Macbeth and his diary falls out of his armor, containing the same material in this document, Macduff reads it and is in awe, and walks out of the castle with the diary, head of Macbeth, and with a new, fresh start to serving a new kingdom, with the foundations being Justice and

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