What Is Evil In Saint Ignatius

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Since the rise of Christianity among nations, people have been asking the question: why does evil exist when there is a God who is sovereign, powerful, and loving? Is he not able to fight the evil surrounding us? Or does God want to see us suffer which makes him an unloving Father after all? Saint Ignatius 's life explains a probable reason as to why evil exists and how one can flee from the temptations of this world. He was once a soldier who enjoyed the pleasures the world has always been offering, but he was soon reunited with God in the latter part of his life. Through the representation of Ignatius ' life, it may be inferred that evil may exist because there is no good when evil does not exist (vice versa also follows) and that evil can be an avenue for one to be…show more content…
There is always a counterbalance for everything which is why humans were given the freedom to choose whether to follow the good or evil because evil will always exist with good. Therefore, the Word of God plays an important role of determining what is good which Saint Ignatius listened and obeyed throughout his life journey. The movie, Ignacio De Loyola, which portrays Ignatius ' life, has led me to realize as to how God can turn my lowest points into opportunities for Him to reveal Himself as well as how the powers of darkness continues to linger upon the lives of Christians each day.
Ignacio de Loyola encountered a desolating experience when he received a fatal injury during the Battle of Pamplona which led him to know about God 's love and to sacrifice his vices and worldly possessions for the glory of God. I was amazed by how God was able to turn his misery into blessings. I came to realize that even though I may feel empty and bombarded with the trials I face
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