Evolution In Science Fiction Film Analysis

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Evolution in Science Fiction, Mimic (1997) In order to relate the movie, science fiction horror film, Mimic (1997) with evolution. We have to understand what actually evolution is. So, what is evolution? Evolution refers to change through time as species become modified and diverge to produce multiple descendant species. Evolution as a biological mechanism is driven by natural selection. This theory is favored by many scientists to explain phenomena in nature, so much so that it is generally assumed as factual in most studies. The movie, Mimic that was directed by Guillermo del Toro is a movie that tells about a disease carried by common cockroach that is killing Manhattan children. Thus, in order to stop the epidemic, an entomologist,…show more content…
There are, of course numerous instances of mimicry in the natural world and Susan uses that to explain the phenomenon, arguing that the Judases have evolved this way of eluding their natural predator: mankind. However, this is also contrary with the theory of evolution of Charles Darwin because evolution actually took a billion years to develop even the apes took 40,000 generations to turns into human being. It is impossible and illogically to happen for Judas Breed to finally emerge as a species capable of challenging human being for dominance within just three years. There is also no reasons for the Judas Breed to develop into a mean creatures as we can see in the film except that the only theory that the reason is most likely due to the effect of the metabolic enzyme that is supposingly the main purpose is just to wiped out one species of roach but instead turns into another creepy

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