What Is Feminism In Literature

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Literature has always been a handy tool in exploring the gender relations and several differences. Humanist feminist criticism objects to the exclusion of women from these definitions because they tend towards an inaccurate account of the subjectivity of women rather than a historically reconstructed ideology. Today re-reading of literature assumes an important aspect of any critical project for it would help in the reconstitution of the idea of female subjectivity. Thus a more meaningful subject for literary writings focuses on the idea of psychic fragmentation of the weaker sex rather than on the theme of social oppression which assumes a secondary position. Psychotic rupture is perhaps the worst and most regressive aspect of female subjectivity.…show more content…
This sounds inexplicable suggesting a sort of “male social cohesion”. Feminist consciousness has certainly given an ardour and excitement to literary studies. A reasonably new perception of women in literature and the works by women writers have unveiled some of the prejudices at work in their traditional approaches to literature hitherto dominated by masculine perspective. A woman’s experiences of life as a member of a gender biased society formulate her psyche. Moreover, she is bound by certain other factors such as her individual circumstances, societies expectations related to age, creed, class, race, etc. Thus each women’s experience of life is different and…show more content…
Anita Desai adds a new dimension to the achievement of new Indian women writers in English fiction by probing the inner lives of her women characters. K.R. Srinivas Iyengar’s evaluation of Anita Desai is pertinent when he asserts:
Her forte in other words is the exploration of sensibility. The particular kind of modern Indian sensibility that is ill at ease among the barbarians and the philistines, the anarchists and the amoralists. The intolerable grapple with thoughts, feelings and emotions is necessarily reflected in the language, syntax and imagery, yet the readers first impression on reading Anita Desai’s novels may very well be that the emotions are too many, and are often the result of excessive cerebrations on the authors part and not always determined by the movement in the consciousness of the characters. Nevertheless, Anita Desai is an original talent that has the courage to go on its own
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