Jay Gatsby Downfall

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The Great Gatsby is a novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald about early America in the 1920s. This was just the third novel that Fitzgerald wrote. (“F. Scott Fitzgerald.”) The book highlighted a lot of the things that were going on in that time like the illegal production of alcohol due to the outlaw of alcohol known as prohibition. The book also talks about the societal normality of people having affairs. This time period, in the 1920s, was also known as the jazz age, as well as the roaring twenties. Business was booming and the rich were enjoying themselves. This is shown through Jay Gatsby. Jay was a spitting image of the American dream. He went from rags to riches; went from being dirt poor to being one of the richest people in New York.…show more content…
He is a mysterious man who attained a large amount of money seemingly overnight. Many people attend his parties every single weekend, yet they have never even met the host. The only person who ever received an actual invite to one of these wild parties was Gatsby’s next door neighbor Nick Carraway. This lack of knowledge about the host leads to numerous rumors about him. People are saying that he is a prince from another country. Others are saying that he is a bootlegger and that Gatsby is involved with some illegal, underground business. After this introduction to Jay Gatsby, Nick Carraway gets the pleasure of meeting his next door neighbor at the party that he attends. And Gatsby then asks Jordan Baker to request something of Nick for…show more content…
After the death of Gatsby, Nick left New York and started a new life. He became a stock broker in Chicago and found a woman that he loved and married. Nick had 2 children and those children had children of their own. It’s Nick’s granddaughter, Lilly, that I met nearly five years ago. We met at Oxford, which is where Gatsby had attended for a short time and shortly after we graduated we were married. With Nick’s granddaughter came the money that she had inherited. Nick has always told his offsprings that they should not take this money for granted and that they shouldn’t blow it on parties and other flashy items that are of little or no
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