What Is Frederick Douglass Like Abolitionism

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Fredrick Douglas was a slave when he was young around 11 years old and eventually one day he ran away from slavery. The thing that is different about him to other slaves he made it out of slavery and he can tell his story from being a slave and being free.
In the 1850s Fredrick Douglas broke and followed the strictly moralist brand of “abolitionism” led by William Lloyd Garrison. Racial equality was very important to Douglas he believed that men and woman no matter their race or gender should have a fair say in everything. Fredrick also said that he would feel the same even if he was white. For sixteen years he edited an influential black newspaper and achieved international fame as an orator and writer of great persuasive power. In thousands of speeches that Douglas said irresistibly there wasn’t a speech that he did not bring up against slavery or racism. Fredrick had such a voice of hope for his people, embraced antislavery politics, and preached his own brand of American ideals. Yet Douglas would later come into conflicts with women’s rights, as much as Douglas despise racism he hates sexism just as much.
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The date of Douglass 's birth is unknown, but later in life his chose to celebrate it on February 14. Douglass first lived with his moms mom Betty Bailey. At a young age, Douglass was sent to live in the home of the plantation slave owners.
Frederick Douglass was eventually sent to the “Baltimore home of Hugh Auld.” It was there that Douglass learned the skills to read and write which became a big part to national celebrity.
A ban on teaching slaves to read and write, Auld’s wife “Sophia” secretly began to teach Douglass the alphabet when he was about 12. When Auld forbade his wife to give any more lessons to Douglass, he continued to learn from white children and others in the
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