What Is Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait

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Frida Kahlo created a self-portrait that seems to be portraying her relationship with her cherished husband. Frida is shown as a strong mother-like figure in the piece. She is wearing a traditional red dress, the bold color red might suggest her passionate love or anger towards her husband or situation. She appears to be holding her husband Diego Rivera, as if he were her child as her beloved dog stands nobly nearby. This could represent her wanting to hold on to her marriage to her husband or possibly Diego’s lack of maturity in their relationship. Diego had a long history of other women in his life. Surrounding the figures, there are plants that are commonly found in Mexico. I believe the plants are not only a representation of Frida’s heritage, but also a representation of the growth or improvement she wishes to see in her relationship with Diego. The plants appear to be healthy, but when you look closer you can see roots below. These roots could represent Frida’s feelings about her relationship. Perhaps she feels like it has been completely uprooted. It also could represent Frida trying to discover her identity again, despite all of the chaos and sorrow that seems to surround her.

Additionally, the picture is evenly divided with both, dark and light colors, perhaps representing day and night. These choices in color
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The colors are dark and lack the vibrancy you would see if the artist would have been trying to convey a positive situation. I can’t help, but feel sorry for Frida when you try to understand all of the elements she could be expressing. Frida seems to commit to tasks with a great deal of passion, no matter what the task. Frida had experienced some tough times and her art was an outlet for her. She was able to express her thoughts and feelings in this piece. The tone of the piece seems to be bleak, her love for her husband and her great deal of pride in her country is evident in this piece despite the sad
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