Lawrence Kohlberg's Six Stages Of Moral Development

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The best three things the course inspired me are the human nature and transcendence, social capital and justice, and the approaches to solve religious crisis.

The issue of morality and human nature has been attracted me since the middle school, when I found the Confucian theory of original goodness of human nature failed to address my questions created in reality, like the cruelty of some crimes in criminals in their young ages. After observing my personal experience, I attributed the motives of moral behaviors to basically two forms: the fear of punishment and the need of behaving normally to get along well with others, which let me question the morality further: Is there real rather than hypocritical morality, transcending the punishment or group psychology?
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Besides the two motives I summarized eight years ago, which in his words, belong to obedience and punishment driven, self-interest driven, and interpersonal accord and conformity driven, the theory further puts forward the higher stages, including the morality driven by authority, social
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