What Is Gandhi's Moral Courage

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Even though Gandhi was small in size his impact on India’s independence was tremendous. Gandhi has shown moral courage in fighting for India 's independence. Secondly, when fighting for India 's independence, he used non-violent protesting. Finally, because he used non-violence, his moral courage cost him his life. By examining in Gandhi’s fight for India’s independence, non-violent protesting, and his moral courage costing him his life, it is clear that he was a beautiful and courageous man, that fought for what he believed in. Gandhi’s first act of moral courage was “standing up and fighting for India’s independence, despite the threats from certain groups of people that were against Gandhi’s movements and beliefs” (How did Gandhi). For example, Gandhi left his home country to try and change the perspective of the people of color instead of letting it drag him down, even though his elders did not agree with his decision (How did Gandhi). Even though Gandhi has not once been to South Africa he decides to go just to change the opinions of the people on what color means. The second reason was he felt that people that were lacking in moral courage were a danger to themselves and society. He also faced discrimination while he lived in South Africa, but that did not stop him from living there. Gandhi was an honorable man he strongly believed in what he was doing was right and that is cost him his life. For example, Gandhi would not give up on his lifetime goal to generate
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