Sea Of Poppies Summary

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The paper presents various aspects of gender discrimination and subjugation of women to male dominated society and orders, set by a particular group of society, against women. Women are suffering silently in the hands of patriarchal code and system of society. This discrimination leads to heinous crimes against women and at last they lost their lives. Today the problem of lower sex ratio is a consequence of this gender discrimination. This is a challenge before country how to tackle this social evil and make Indian developed country where women and children can live without any fear and threats. This paper also presents the ways which have been accepted by our government and intellectuals to tackle this inequality and discrimination through the processes of strict legal and reasonable laws, constitutional…show more content…
He portrays Kabutri, Deeti’s daughter with her in order to show this idea that this situation will continue for the next generation of the Indian women. One of the main and signification elements that Ghosh attempts to expose in Sea of poppies is the patriarchal system dominated over its different parts which creates an undesirable condition for the Indian women. Ghosh illustrates Deeti who marries Hukam Singh only “because Deeti’s won brother, Kesri Singh, had proposed the match. The two men belonged to the same battalion and had served together in a couple of overseas campaigns” (SP, 21). In a patriarchal society, it is the law of the male member of family that controls their values, dreams and desires. Brother is the representation of the men in a particular community surrounded the women. They control everything in the family, the law, the rules, desires, decisions, personal affairs and the women have to obey, because, as Landry and Maclean
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