What Is Gender Discrimination In Mauritius

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Women down the ages have always had to demand equal status for themselves in society. This is more so in a traditional set up like Mauritius, where women have forever been a set behind men in deference to the higher status of men. In their relentless struggle for equality, women have always had to fight on uphill battle. Most laws are male centric, disregarding completely the fact that women form an integral fifty per cent of the nation. Clamouring for attention based on this reality, women are endeavouring to change the millenia old mindset of male supremacy. Hence, the power to effect a change assumes that the women have to be educated enough to realise that they require a change, and then, to impart this knowledge to other down-trodden women.

Thus, we are going to examine the status of women in Mauritius, how it has evolved to change since the last 40 years as well as what is the solutions that can be bring to bridge the gap between males and females in different institutions.

Gender Discrimination in Mauritius

Gender discrimination is also known as sexual discrimination. It refers to the practice of giving someone an opportunity, rights or privileges to a person based on their gender. In some societies, this practice is long standing and acceptable to both genders.

In Mauritius, when we talk of gender discrimination, it can deals with women in politics, emancipation of women and labour market, women 's portrayal in the media, women 'war '

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