What Is Gender Discrimination In To Kill A Mockingbird

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“Gender discrimination is the practice of treating a group of people differently based upon their gender,” (Strengthening Communities by Putting an End to Gender Discrimination 1). Gender discrimination has been a large issue dating back many years. We can find examples of gender discrimination in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee in a few of the main characters including Scout, Alexandra, and Jem. Gender bias has also been traced back into history, where women had to fight for their right to vote. It’s still an immeasurable disease of current day society where women battle the pay gap and the glass ceiling. The recurring theme of gender discrimination can be recognized in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, in our society, and throughout…show more content…
Three principal examples of the prejudice today consist of the wage gap, the glass ceiling in the workforce, and dress codes. In an article written by Margie Warrell featured on Forbes explains in detail the glass ceiling and additionally presents the concept of the glass box for women. The glass ceiling in society is the idea that there is an impalpable obstacle that prevents women from attaining high-level positions in their…show more content…
Gender discrimination is unmistakable in To Kill a Mockingbird, where the main character Scout finds herself pushed out from her brother and friend. Gender discrimination was certainly noticeable in history, where women had to fight for their rights around the clock, for women’s suffrage or for something like military integration. Lastly, and most essentially, we can still find gender discrimination today in the wage gap and the glass ceiling. Gender discrimination is a very conquerable problem. However, it will take the entire world to recognize it and decide to take
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