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The world we live in today is very much different from the world that was years ago. The society we adhere to expects men and women to accept, trust in and execute particular gender roles and stereotypes that have already been well-established. For example, in the western culture, men are expected to be strong, independent, dominant, in control and athletic where as women are expected to to be quiet, obedient and inferior. While ‘the classic’ gender stereotypes have remained rather consistent over the past few centuries they have been challenged and confronted by several women and feminists. One particular field in which traditional gender stereotypes have been judged and analysed is sports and physical
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They tell people how they are supposed to act, look, and even what one’s interests should be. (Amanda R. Hoiness) When people breach the stereotypes and mores associated with biased roles, they are considered to be odd or “other than normal”. Female athletes must balance gender roles. Because of this added pressure, female athletes show a higher amount of role conflict than male athletes. Conflict was also found to be more prevalent for female athletes participating in traditionally masculine sports such as baseball, football, soccer, hockey, and basketball (Amanda R. Hoiness). Female athletes have a habit to use more emotion-focused coping strategies which can create more stress. As more and more women and girls across the country are competing in sports and athletic events, the popularity of those competing in traditionally masculine sports is increasing. Sports such as football, rugby, and basketball are no longer the exclusive province of male athletes. (Amanda R. Hoiness) Participation in sports that require what are considered typically “male characteristics,” such as speed and strength can present an “image problem” for many female athletes. (Amanda R. Hoiness) While some research suggests enhanced self perceptions of female athletes participating in cross-gender sports the perceptions of others may not be as positive. Female athletes…show more content…
The sports business industry is a market in which the businesses and products offered to its buyers are sport related and may be goods, services, people, places, or ideas. It consists of several different segments including sports tourism, sporting goods (manufacturing and retail), sports apparel, amateur partcipants, sport professionals, recreation, school and college athletes, sports businesses such as marketing firms, the sports sponsorship industry nad sport governing bodies. (The Sports Business Industry) This is business continues to grow in Ireland as sports is a huge industry. Because many students want a career in the sports industry many colleges and universities are adding degree programs in sport management.
Sport plays five vital roles in Ireland which are:
1. Economy – the sports industry worldwide is estimated to be worth between $350- 450 billion. In Ireland alone sport contributes between €1.4 and €2.4 billion to GDP and supports in excess of 40,000 jobs. In 2013 2,400,000,000 euro was contributed of sport to the irish Economy. (Irish Sports

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