What Is George Washington's Background

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Have you ever wanted to know about George Washington’s background? He was an outstanding leader and lived a full life. He was president, and a christian, who lived a nice full life. This essay will tell you about his background, politics, and what his religion was. He was elected commander and chief of the Continental Army in May 1775. Washington’s morals and manners are what made him the man he was then. Let’s keep reading on and find out more about him. George Washington has a normal family background, but half of it was sad. Washington was born February 22, 1732 Westmoreland County, Virginia. His family was a planter family, and they learned their morals and manners. When growing up, he had many characteristics, so he was a man of character his whole life, I like to say. When Washington was a boy, his father died. He then married a widow, Martha Washington several years after his brother had died. They had two children and lived at Mount Vernon. George retired at the end of December in 1758 to Mount Vernon for three years.…show more content…
George had served for president from April 30, 1789 to March 4, 1797. On the date of April 30, 1789 he took his oath of office as the first president. He was elected commander and chief in 1775 of the Continental Army. The vice president with George was, John Adams. He was one of our founding fathers and became our second president after George Washington finished. Before Washington retired two parties were developing by the end of his first term. By the second term he had retired from office. After retiring, he was 67 and died from a blister in his throat. The doctors tried helping, it just didn’t do the trick. He had said “Doctor, I die hard; but i’m not afraid to go; I believe from my first attack that I should not survive it; my breath cannot last
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