What Is Gilbert's Suicide Case Study

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Identifying Information Gilbert is a 21- year old Caucasian male, who is single, works at a local grocery store and lives at home with his mother, two sisters, and younger brother. The client sought out services after employer expressed concerns about his inability to focus at work. Data sources used in writing this assessment: mother, siblings, friends and co-workers.
Presenting Problem Client reports that he has been having trouble focusing, has been feeling overwhelmed and has been experiencing a tremendous amount of guilt over his recent behaviors. He describes several instances where he has forgotten to follow through or neglected important and routine responsibilities. For example, client describes an incident in which he did not complete the bathing routine for his developmentally disabled brother, he left his brother in the tub to complete the task himself so that he could spend time with a young woman named Becky who is passing through Gilbert’s town as she travels across the country with her grandmother. Client reports that he knew his brother would be unable to complete the task of bathing without assistance but left him unattended anyway. When asked what may have precipitated the incident in
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The client expressed that soon after father’s suicide his mother began gaining weight at an alarming rate. The result of the extreme weight gain was his mother was soon unable to care for herself and for her children. The client soon adopted the role of primary provider and caregiver. The client’s cultural background is Caucasian and his primary language is English. The client reports no significant cultural experiences with discrimination or oppression. The client did report that his mother is the object of many jokes and much gawking due to her obesity among the local people. The client reports no religious affiliation and states that he and his family have not been to church in many
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