What Is Goal Setting In Sport

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1.0 INTRODUCTION An essential element to sport is competition. When competition or social comparison comes into play, competition becomes a motivational tool. Since competition is a part of sports, performance can be affected along with the goals that have been set by the competitor. Competition between individuals with goal setting can result in higher levels of performance. Therefore, when assessing the effects of goal setting in sport, competition plays a big role in the outcome. Locke and Latham (1985) suggested that competition can be seen as a form of goal setting, which was due to two reasons; (1) the goal is the performance of another person or persons, and (2) the goal is dynamic rather than static since it changes due to other competitor’s performances (Locke & Latham, 1985). A goal is defined as the object or the aim of an action that an individual is trying to accomplish (Locke et al., 1981). A goal is a target, or a specific standard or an accomplishment that a person strives to attain (Vealey, 2007). Goal setting is one of the most commonly used and most effective performance enhancing strategies in psychology (Burton et al., 2001; Burton et al., 1998). Goals are also a psychological and motivational skill that can be found in sport. Goal setting effectiveness is defined as the perceived effectiveness that a given goal will have in motivating or improving performance for an individual while goal setting frequency is defined as the perceived amount of times
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