Essay About Getting A College Degree

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Many people may think getting a college education is expensive but to some it is worth getting a college education or degree. More and more jobs are requiring for you to have a college degree in order to get hired. College graduates are making more and more money than people without a college education. “College allows the students to explore many career options”(Procon). Going to college is a great option because it can help you decide what you may want to do once you graduate high school. “College graduates have more and better employment opportunities” (Procon). Going to college will open up more and better job opportunities for you. Getting a college degree is very important because a college degree can help you in many ways like getting a job in your major or getting another job.

“More and more jobs require college degrees” (Procon). It is getting harder and harder to get a job in the United States if you do not have a college degree. “Only 34% of American jobs require a high school diploma” (Procon). You have a 66 percent higher chance of getting hired if you have a college degree. “Meanwhile 63% of jobs will require some college education or degree” (Procon). This is due to more jobs wanting you to have a college education. Getting a college degree is recommended because
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This is bad because many are going to college and graduating but can’t get a job in their major. “In 2010, 62 percent of college graduates had a job that require a college degree” (Washington Post). This is a high number and proves a college degree can increase your chances of getting hired on a job. ”27 percent of college graduates had a job that was related to their major” (Washington Post). This is an extremely low number considering that 73 percent of college graduates don’t get a job in their major. College need to find a way or method helping graduates get a job that is related to their
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