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Did you know that gunpowder was actually an accident? The Chinese tried to do something else but they ended up making some gunpowder. That 's how it was made. I think that gun powder can be a bad thing and a good thing honestly. This essay is about how gunpowder can be used as a good thing or a bad thing and how it is used today. In the first source it stated that gunpowder was an accident by The Chinese and they were trying to make a potion for immortality but instead they ended up with gunpowder. Which contains potassium nitrate, common charcoal, and sulfur. The person who invented the record of gunpowder is Wujing Zongyao, and the first person to create gunpowder was Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty. Now I 'm going to talk about the positive things about gunpowder, around 1500 the war of medieval ages ended. Which is a very good thing. Also around the 14th century the Europeans adopted something called a canon which had gunpowder in it for you could be able to use it. Ships were equipped with cannons, that helped them to most likely win.…show more content…
I’m also going to write about how we are using gunpowder today. Today, we use it for guns, rockets, grenades, etc. The gunpowder is usually for the military to use since we could be safe technically since they can protect our country. What contains in the gunpowder today is a mixture of sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate. That 's really all we use gunpowder for. Clearly this is why gunpowder can be good or bad, There 's many more things I can put but I just wanted to put the most important things. My paragraphs support my thesis because I wrote about how it can be good or bad. Today it is still used for many things, especially for

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