What Is HIPAA Exception?

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There is a controversial issue in regards to the violation of the HIPAA privacy rule concerning a client who was received at a small town hospital emergency rule. As a privacy officer, this issue has been bought to my attention. HIPPA violations are serious offenses, and ultimately, it is my responsibility to take corrective actions to resolve this matter upon this investigation. HIPAA’s purpose, Is to protect the privacy of health information concerning a client or an employee. Violations of this law may include disciplinary actions, criminal penalties and fines, and possibly imprisonment. To conduct this investigation, the first step I would need to take is to find out whether HIPAA trainings were conducted though all the staff members at this hospital. Many people violate HIPAA laws without even being aware that they are in contravention. Ultimately, it is the hospital’s responsibility to ensure that their staff members are trained on these laws to ensure compliance, and reduce violations. Although the lack of awareness of HIPAA violation laws is not an excuse, this is also a matter to be taken into consideration before concluding my final decision. The second requirement I would…show more content…
When a patient enters a hospital, he/she usually places a high level of trust within that nurse/doctor. Trust, is very essential in all forms of health care. Business wise, it becomes influential and encourages the use of the health care facility and services which is very beneficial and effective to the health system. When that trust is violated, patients tend to find alternative methods of care or professionals. Ultimately, violations of the HIPAA law should not be made. Health care professionals need to maintain a high degree of professionalism, while possessing the upmost degree of integrity. A patient needs to feel confident and safe at all

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