What Is Hamlet Spying

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Hamlet On one hand he has and obvious Somehow interfere with his ability to arrange his father’s death. Not only Hamlet is surely an intelligent this is evident in during both actions and speech during the play he know people are spying on him, he is aware of this is in both his actions and speech during the play he aware of this . he has good sense of what the other characters are plotting. An example of this when Guildenstern and Rosencrantz approach Hamlet. Hamlet immediately realizes they spying on him. Where you not sent for. of Hamlet’s ability is during the play that he directs .Hamlet decides to add 16 extra line that…show more content…
Hamlet may talk and talk and talk and talk and talk about suicide but what he’s really Concerned with is death , The fact that they living world is made of death and decay . Yeah . From Hamlet 's starting battle . Hamlet is self reflex it constantly draws attention , Hamlet being afraid of death or hell , here mentions his father 's state , a state similar to purgatory during which his sins must be burnt and purged , and Claudius to heaven by killing him while he’s confessing his sins. But Hamlet doesn’t talk about his own face . He concludes that if one were absolutely sore about what waited on the other Side of death , Objective in reality would not be worth the trouble , but since the afterlife is an unknown . One might as well continue existing Basically , I suggest Hamlet is not afraid of death .In fact , he suffers from depression or despondency most of the play and he feels that death of the play and he feels that death might be welcome . The main things that Hamlet is afraid of are acting before his action are completely killing an

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