What Is Healthy Living Essay

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Healthy living –
‘’HEALTHY LIVING’’ essentially means a state when your both physical and mental health are in a stability leading to well-functioning of body and mind in a person. Although, healthy living is often felt as a long term process, but it is within our reach even if we start today. The Secret to healthy living is not only restricted to having a ‘ strict diet ’ or moving yourself away from the food and snacks you love to eat, but it is all about feeling energetic, maintaining good posture and personality, and stabilizing your mood. Simply, having good health habits can help you eliminate sickness leading to improvement in the quality of life, feel better and hence a healthy living in life.

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• Love yourself – Go on loving yourself more than you do anyone else as it helps to provide positivity in your life. Remove all the negativity that acts as a hindrance in your life and to your success, which will ultimately provide you a healthy living.

• Eat more fruits and vegetables – Fruits and vegetables are enriched with vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body for a healthy living. They offer more vitamins when compared to vitamin pills, when it comes to providing vitamins to your body.

• NO to smoking and alcohol - Cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption are the main causes for health problems such as lung cancer, brain functioning, harm to liver and pancreas etc. Often, one out of every 5 deaths is either directly or indirectly is linked to smoking and alcohol consumption. Elimination of them leads to healthy living.

• Dealing with STRESS – Stress in normal, but it causes health problems such as trouble sleeping, anxiety, and mood changes. So, what is needed for healthy living is to learn to deal with stress in life by recognizing what are the things that cause stress in your life and then developing measures to fight with
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