Essay On The Walking Dead

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4. Walkers
Even though the show centers on the destiny of both the characters and the world, zombies represent an exterior threat to the survivors. Whether they are called walkers, infected, roamers or biters, zombies are antagonists in The Walking Dead. All zombies are created equal. Even though differences in their interpretations can be found, their main role remains the same – survival on human flesh and/or brain, as well as terrorizing the human race. The word „zombie“ was not used in the TV series. Instead, the characters create their own names and categorizations for them, with the term “Walkers” being frequently used.
As stated in the previous chapter, everyone is infected by the disease, which means they carry a virus which turns them
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The slow, mindless, reanimated corpses have no ability to climb and are afraid of fire. All it takes is one bite in order to turn a human into a zombie. In order to kill them, the brain needs to be destroyed. Their origin is unknown. Faster zombies with the ability to talk or cooperate appear in the movie Return of the Living Dead. They originate from a deadly gas and hunger for human brains. Even burning them releases the gas which can create new zombies, therefore they need to be totally destructed. In 28 Days Later a virus caused the zombie outbreak. A single drop of infected blood or body fluid, transmitted through vomiting or bites, can change a person within seconds and the rage takes over. Thus, they are technically infected living but in a form of zombies. They have increased strength and endurance, loss of brain function and uncontrollable rage. Anything that would kill a human kills them. „Zombies in the Romero style are precisely what Robert Kirkman delivered when he kicked off the comic book series The Walking Dead in 2003“ (Lowder, 14). Anyone who dies, no matter the death cause, becomes a zombie. The main characteristics are unintelligence, slow movements and killing them by the destruction of their brain. A new type of zombies who retain their intelligence and personality appears in a TV show iZombie. After being bit, scratched or infected by a drug
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