What Is Hinduism Belief In The Alchemist

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What one will believe in will shape their lives and their decisions. This idea has been proved in the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, the main character, Santiago, travels to finds his personal legend and through his travel he comes face to face with many different religions. With every religion, there are different beliefs and traditions, which effect’s how Santiago reacts to the environment. Although Christianity has an impact on The Alchemist Hinduism has a greater effect on all the characters in The Alchemist.

One Hinduism Belief in The Alchemist is Karma. Hindus believe that good or bad effects may happen to a person that does good or bad things. With this belief in place, one will want to do good things so there will be a good effect(...). In the Alchemist, Santiago helps a candy merchant set up his cart before sale time, even tho they did not speak the same language. After helping the candy merchant, Santiago got a job and received more money than he has ever received before(page 43). Through Santiago doing good and the effect was also good the Hinduism belief of karma is shown.
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The most common form is trees, animals, spirits, mountains and rivers. The reason why they are in theses natural forms is because they are most useful for a human(...). In the Alchemist, Santiago says butterflies, crickets, grasshoppers, and four-leaf clover are good omens. Omens in The Alchemist are signals that will lead one in the right direction and will warn one of something happening. (...). Hindu gods are in the form of nature, and will help you in tough times. The same is with omens; they will show a sign that tells one if they are going in the right direction. Through Hindu gods and the Alchemist omens, one will believe Hinduism is widely expressed in the
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