What Is Hitler's Role In The Deadly Holocaust

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The Holocaust presented Jews with a period of uncertainty and unfamiliarity. During this process, Germans began their initiation of the Final Solution and were told that they would be safely relocated because of the war. Jews believed they were off to a new location and a new life. Little did they know their lives were about to change completely as they were off to concentration camps. These camps were located all over Poland and Germany. Here, the conditions were glum, dirty, and inhumane. Unknown to the outside world, these camps tortured, killed, and split up millions of families. The disabled, the colored, the Jewish, and others that were not Hitler’s Aryan race were killed. Camp conditions were poor and chances of survival were very slim. Inside the camp daily life, the killing methods, and finally the liberation of the camps played huge roles in the deadly Holocaust. Daily life in the camp is anything but livable. Prisoners were treated like animals not prisoners or even people. Inside each camp there were barracks where the people were…show more content…
When the camps were finally liberated it wasn’t easy. If the Nazis heard of a liberation coming they would gather up as many prisoners are possible and make them walk. The prisoners were put into lines and pushed to walk on. You were beaten if you stopped running or refused to continue. The guards would barely give them any food or water. When the Americans or whoever was helping them arrived there would still be some prisoners left. These people were starved and in horrible health. The conditions shouldn’t have been livable for them. Concentration camps were not something a person should have to live through. They were inhumane. These people were targeted just because of who they are or what they believed in. This is a low point in history for us and it should never repeat itself. Many have been scarred with this event and it will never be
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