What Is Hobbes Idea Of Government In Lord Of The Flies

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In William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies,” setting is an interesting topic. The story takes place on a tropical island. The characters consist of many small boys and 3 main ones. The weather is clear and sunny, for the most part. Water is everywhere surrounding the island, and there are multiple streams and rivers running throughout the jungle. The boys have absolute freedom, no parents, no rules, no nothing. Jack often entertains Hobbes’s idea of a brutish, mean view of government. There is an example of this when Jack and Piggy are having a small quarrel before the first meeting. “You’re talking too much,” said Jack Merridew. “Shut up, Fatty” (Golding 20). This is the perfect example of how Hobbes would have thought about the situation. Hobbes believes that a government can only function if the leader is brutish, mean, and uncaring. Like a leviathan in a way. If Hobbes was spectating the fight between Jack and Piggy he would have said, “Jack should be leader, he knows what’s up.…show more content…
Hobbes’s idea of government is that it should be ruled by someone with an iron fist. And by someone who is brutish, snarky, and rude. After Jack tackles the conch away from Piggy he remarks, “Am I a hunter or am I not?” (8). When Jack says this, he is trying to take over the tribe. Ralph called the meeting to discuss discipline. Jack doesn’t care about that. Jack has bloodlust. What Jack meant when he said this was that he is basically the only man on the island. He is pretty much saying that he is superior to everyone else on the island. He is arguing that he should be the chief just because he is head of the hunters. This clears proves that Jack is most like Thomas
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