Sex And Hookup Culture

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“Girls and Sex” by Peggy Orenstein is a book on how girls view sex, how moms feel about their daughters are having sex and the dating/hookup culture. These topics are appropriate for teenagers and girls in college today, she explains how people are now victims of slut shaming or too prude, there is a hard way to find a balance. The way guys see sex is way different compared to the girls’ view. Boys tend to view sex as more physical, while for the girls it is more of an emotional bondage, and it is not always about the quantity of sex but the quality of what they are receiving. For most men, young women are perceived only as a way to please themselves, while neglecting to please their partners. For example, receiving oral sex for boys is more…show more content…
From the time when my parents were younger, to now the hookup culture has deeply changed. I mean, you now have websites just for hooking up and dating, rather than the old fashion way of asking a girl out in person. Before then, sex used to be saved for marriage, now for some people it's just casual or even a competition for young generations on how many people you have had sex with. Not just that, but alcohol can play a major role in the hookup culture. Alcohol and certain recreational drugs,can be the cause of this carelessness when it comes to sex, it can be that confidence booster that will give you that pleasure in the moment, but the regret will you have be the next day. Girls tend to get drunk faster than guys do and can affect their bodies in different ways. On the other hand, boys tend to have a different attitude, I mean alcohol loosens inhibitions but it also can reduce people ability to read social cues, so if a girl says “no” they can't ignore it and be more aggressive. However, this shows how much more parents need to be involved with their children lives and teach them to drink more responsibility and the impacts it can have. In conclusion, Girls and Sex is a good novel filled with interviews that make people view things in a different perspective some more emotional than others but this is targeted for us college students to realize what views people have in terms of religion, politics, race, family composition, wealth and what your sexual identity is. It shares things with oral sex,organsms, and the complicatications that hook up culture faces. Orenstein wants sexuality to be self-knowledge, creative and communication between people and that girls should get what they want in bed and be
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