What Is Human Nature In Lord Of The Flies

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Some acts make you question about human nature. William Golding witnessed this during World War Two. He saw how a civilized human being can simply turn into a crazed savage. In the book, Lord of the Flies, he interprets everything he saw into British schoolboys. He also shows how easily it could be to simply lose your mind and turn into a beast. There were different times where the boys become panicked, afraid and completely fearful. Although many deny, there is a “beast” within each and every one of us, even though your beast can come in different shapes and forms. Simon is very good and true to himself, and has the most positive outlook. Simon is very different from the other boys, he seems to always be helping the Littluns…show more content…
After Simon’s encounter with "The Lord of the Flies," he runs back worried to the tribe finding them dancing around the fire. He gets into the middle to catch their attention, but unfortunately the boys mistake him for a beast and stab him pouring out all the fear that they held within themselves. Jack stands there encouraging the boys on, not caring whether it is really a beast or Simon. The "beast" talk has been going on for a while now, and the anxiety as well as fear has been building up inside everyone on the island. In the end, everyone feels relieved when they think that they have the beast and they really want to get rid the beast as quickly as possible. "Him Him!" they all shouted. "Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood! Do him in!" (Golding 138) Evil is how it 's supposed to be in Jack’s world and he doesn 't accept anything lower than evil. Jack wants to eliminate Simon from the island so that, in the end, evil will be able to dominate the entire place without any interference. To me, Jack and Simon truly represented “The lord of the Flies”. Both of these characters opened my eyes on how a beast isn 't only evil, it can also come in different shapes and forms. Hence my thesis, there is a beast within each and every one of us, even though your beast can come in different shapes and forms. Everyone has a beast,
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