Persuasive Speech: Conducting A Revolutionary Journey To Mars

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Human is an advanced, indigenous, intelligent species on Earth, or so we would like to think. As humans we would all like to think that we represent a form of rational, wise, analytical group in the gargantuan Universe. We would all tend to think our human race is imperishable, we’re at the top of food chain and aren’t foolish enough to drive ourselves into extinction. I am here to assure you that it’s not. The continued rise of global terrorism and panic in Middle East, additional to remaining oil conflicts in South China Sea and worldwide technological & economic infrastructure lagging in the present days. Can humans really survive and be called the immortal species when oil reserve is expected to last measly for another 53 years only?

There are an overwhelming amount of videos on the news and realistic simulations of men going on Mars missions. Conducting a revolutionary journey to Mars were aimed by
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In general, an actual human-being can perform deeper and much productive examinations on the planet than any currently existed or under development robot, machine, nor technology. Whereas we will start searching for fossils buried under the Martian soil and drill a hole below the surface of Mars to seek for underground water. Refer to the question of why should we go to Mars, either discovery of these can justify a few things: First, Mars has everything we will possibly need for the survival of our own species and evolution. Second, Mars is habitable and hospitable for humans to set up a colony. With an assurance on the water source and chemical composition, substantially we can rebuild Mars’s atmosphere, and most certainly raise the probability of
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