What Is Hurricane Katrina's Recovery

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Hurricane Katrina’s Recovery Ten years ago Hurricane Katrine made history by being one of the worst hurricanes to make landfall. It was ranked as one of the deadliest hurricanes in the US history causing over $100 billion dollars in damages. There were over 1,800 confirmed deaths due to Katrina. Hurricane Katrina destroyed over 1 million acres throughout the Gulf Coast and over 80% of New Orleans was flooded. Most of New Orleans was below water for days and many other areas were under water for weeks. Since then recovery in New Orleans has been challenging. Part of the recovery phase were to strengthen and replace 220 miles of floodwalls and levees. Congress provided $16.7 billion dollars to rebuild damaged housing and infrastructure. There…show more content…
As the city was pumped dry, the sheer level and scope of damage became an insurance and federal aid minefield for many residents. A team was assembled by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDI) to examine its urban design, energy security, coastal protection, toxic waste, public health and global warming. They were in place to present practices and course of actions to take in order to protect Gulf Coast Residents. Financial, emotional and health factors made every Katrina survivor’s recovery story different and each factor created unique problems for those individuals and their families. Insurance scams and contractor fraud made many people weary and distrustful regarding the rebuilding efforts and is one of many contributing factors to why many former residents have not returned to New Orleans. These are just some of the problems the City of New Orleans was faced with. A flood protection plan system designed by ACE (Army Corps of Engineers) that can endure a storm that could transpire once every 100…show more content…
Short term problem for correcting the roads motorists will continue to be face with congestion across the city but motorist would agree that the work in needed. The damage of their streets has gone too long untended to. New Orleans goal for long goal repairs is to resurface the street that needs it and replace damaged concrete panels in others, as well as upgrade curbs and handicap ramps as needed. This program to the re-construction of the roads of New Orleans and surrounding area is a part of a $90 million regional program this program was named Submerged Roads Program. Ten years later the program ended at $118 million budget this program fix the major streets across New Orleans like the French Quarter, the Super Bowl, the Duncan Canal to Loyola Drive, and on Loyola, from West Esplanade Avenue to Vintage. These are heavy tourist area. New Orleans is known for their attraction the key thing is to get more money back into New Orleans. New Orleans was not the only city that was effected by Hurricane Katrina nearly 45 bridges were damaged. The states that was effected by Hurricane Katrina were Alabama, Louisiana and
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