The Importance Of Adventure And Memories In My Life

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Adventure and memories are very important to me. I have always loved pictures. Looking back at every picture taken puts a smile on my face. Getting out of your comfort zone and taking chances is part of memories and adventuring. Since I can remember I have always taken an interest in running. I love running in track and it is by far my favorite sport. Athletes in any sport put hours of practice time in just to run for a few minutes. We hope for the best results and great places. When we find that we beat our goal we smile. I have been training in track for 4 years and this is my last year because I enrolled in Penn Foster and will be reaching graduation early. I hope that in this year I will have great results in trach and that I will be able to bring my time down even more. My goal is to make it to state. State championship in track is something that I have been striving to reach for years, since I began running track. Last year at sectionals I was able to achieve 5th place in the 800 meter run, which is my primary event. I brought my time down by 10 seconds, which is a challenging task, I was extremely proud of myself. Usually, after running so hard I have a stitch in my side or feel like I could possibly get sick, but when I finished this race I felt something else. I was so ecstatic. I could not stop smiling and I didn’t feel sick…show more content…
When I’m down or stressed during track season it feels amazing to run at practice or a meet. It is very stress relieving. I may not run all the time like I should, but it is one of the best feelings ever when you’re competing on the track and you run with your heart. Everything feels in slow motion and you feel your heart racing and just keep thinking about that finish line and you keep picking the pace up. Then, you cross it and your team is screaming and rooting you on and your momma is proud. It is just great and it is definitely an experience I will always

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