What Is Inclusive Education Essay

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The issues surrounding the emphasis on the chosen article would be the unsuccessful attempts of inclusive education for children with autism in Malaysia, especially in pre-schools. Adding that the possible causes or factors contributing to the unsuccessful implementations are due to:
• The attitudes of teachers towards inclusive education
• The lack of support from the surrounding environments,
• The unpreparedness of teachers due to the lack of knowledge on the fundamentals of identifying the characteristics of children with autism.
• The lack of understanding regarding the importance of inclusive education.
Inclusive education can be defined as the involvement of children with disabilities in mainstream classes with the
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This is the sad truth yet true reality of the current situation which can’t be seen on the surface level. Despite being informed of inclusive education in schools, yet not any initiatives are carried out by the administrators of the preschool such as training for the teachers or etc. It seems that the issue of inclusive education is taken so lightly that it serves no importance in the eyes of many preschools. With the lack of resources, support and professional training which are the fundamentals for aiding teachers with children with autism to be able to provide them holistic education would be a hindering factor for teachers to accept children with autism as well be well prepared to receive and cope with these children in their classes alongside the normal school going children. This has eventually built a negative perception towards these children causing them to have these negative attitudes; which greatly affects their relationship with these

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